Sponge Feeding Puppies

Gingham Becomes Pixie

by Don Bullock

An inspiring story about how the runt of the litter becomes an AKC Champion and how sponge feeding was the key to her survival.

At the June, 2017 BHCSC meeting it was decided that we should publish some tips and stories from club members about experiences they have had with their bassets. It was hoped that these stories and tips would help and encourage others. While the initial concept was to publish these in our newsletter, Basset Tales, it was also decided that they could eventually be published to the website as well. I had been working on a video that I thought might fit into this theme. Since a video can’t be published in the newsletter I decided to publish it on the BHCSC website. This page also includes information and links to videos on sponge feeding puppies that need to be supplemented. 

Because I’m having difficulty placing Internet links in blogs I’ve published this video and information as a page on this website. Here is a link to the page on the BHCSC website. 

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NOTE: This video was produced by Woebgon Bassets and is Copyright© By Donald W. Bullock. All rights reserved.