BHCSC Officers and Committees


President - Mike Ott

Vice President - Candis Holman

Recording Secretary - Terri Borough

Treasurer - Dana Skaff

Correspondence Secretary - Loren Cooper

Board of Directors -  Candis Holman, Helene Hurford, Linda Ott, Russ Kirk, Kay Haggard & Sue Shoemaker


Achievement:  Dana Skaff

Audit:  vacant     

By-Laws: Kay Haggard

Editor:  Kay Haggard

Historian: vacant

Hospitality:  Candis Holman

Legislation: Carol Hamilton

Librarian:  vacant

Membership:  Kay Haggard &

Helene Hurford  

Webmaster:  Don Bullock

Field Trials: Mitch Skaff

Match: Sue Shoemaker

email - Corresponding Secretary

email - Webmaster

To contact the club officers and members of our Board of Directors please go to our Club Contacts page.

Note:  BHCSC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(7) organization.

Mercantile:  Helene Hurford

Nominations:  vacant

Obedience/Rally:  Marianne Lovejoy

Picnic:  Candis Holman

Publicity:  vacant



Specialty:  Candis Holman

Trophy: Dana Skaff & Sue Shoemaker

Equipment & Grounds: Andy Shoemaker

Facebook:  Don Bullock & Maria Bivens