Whimsical Photos of Basset Hounds

Taken by BHCSC Members

Basset Hounds are considered by many as being very comical. This may be due to their unique expressions and structure. The pictures on this page display some of the basset hounds owned by our members in whimsical moments. All pictures are published here with both the permission of the photographer and the dog's owner. All the photos are copyrighted © , all rights are reserved and owned by the photographer. These photos may not be copied or used without the expressed written permission of the individual photographer and BHCSC.

I'm Just a Little Kid

Woebgon's Molsen


Owner: Linda Stinner

Photographer: Don Bullock

Summer Fun

Windsocks Orville Wright


Owner: Angela Trice Patrick & Barbara Trice

Getting a Tan

Windsocks Orville Wright


Owner: Angela Trice, Patrick & Barbara Trice

You want to sit where?

Woebgon Bassets

Moxie, Snowy, Bonnie & Joy

Owners: Don & Pam Bullock

Wake Me For Dinner

CH Windsock's Dazyduc of Alivares Dazyduc

Owner/ Photographer: Helene Hurford

Hot Dog on this Cool Hog

Windsocks Orville Wright


Owner: Angela Trice Patrick & Barbara Trice

Mud puddle? I didn t see any mud puddle.

CH Windsock's Jacqueline Cochran

Owner: Kay Haggard

Cool Dogs

Beachside Bassets

Owners: Cathy Wheeler and

Marianne Lovejoy

A Little Wet Behind the Ears

Woebgon's Gunslinger


Owners: Don & Pam Bullock

I think I can fly...


Owners: Mike & Linda Ott, Kay Haggard & Jan Kano

We've gotta look good if we're going to pick up some chicks.

Percy and Cherokee

Owners: Brenda & Chris Chance

Mike & Linda Ott, Kay Haggard & Jan Kano

Hooray for Spring!!

Desiree Acres Ichabod

Owners: Ron & Mary Lukins

Pay attention Grandma!

Woebgon Bassets: Mandy, Snowy, Moxie, Bonnie & Joy

Owners: Don & Pam Bullock

Please tuck me in for the night.


Owners: Mike & Linda Ott & Jan Kano

Ch. Desiree Acres Foster & Desiree Acres Scout's

10th Birthday

Owners: Ron & Mary Lukins:

Ch. Desiree Acres Foster & Desiree Acres Scout's

10th Birthday

Owners: Ron & Mary Lukins:

Please, Dad can I have some pizza?

Sunny and Doc

Watching the Super Bowl with the Family

Owners: Walt and Vickie Ross

Do you think the puppies are ready?

Ch. Woebgon s Snow White


Owners: Don & Pam Bullock

Perhaps if we can put our heads together we can sleep better!

Stella and Walker

Loren Cooper and Candy/Rob Holman

I believe I can fly.

Ch. Woodhavens Wallstreet, CDX (Wilson)

Owner: Loren Cooper

Dog shows are exhausting!

(Taken after her first dog show.)

GCh. Ch. Woebgon's Nehi- Heidi

Owners: Don & Pam Bullock

There s room for more?

(Three generations in one bed.)

Mandy (grandmother), Joy (daughter) & Sassy (granddaughter)

Owners: Don & Pam Bullock

You want me to do what?

Ch. Tradewind s Caicos

(With breeder Jeffie Casey)

Owners: Don & Pam Bullock

I was here first.

(How many boys can we get in this crate?)

Cayman, Zeke & Reefer

Owners: Steve & Jeffie Casey

Brother & sister chillin  together.

(You did buy these chairs for us, didn t you?)

Lucy & Zeke

Owners: Steve & Jeffie Casey

When's Dinner?

(Reefer/Miss Sassy litter waiting for dinner.)

Woebgon Bassets

Owners: Don & Pam Bullock

How about a softer pillow, please?

Woebgon's RockStar

Owners: Don & Pam Bullock

Webmaster's NOTE:

As the BHCSC webmaster I'm always looking for whimsical photos of member's basset hounds to add to this page. Submissions are welcome. Please send them along as a jpeg or jpg image. Include the dog's name, owner's name and state that the BHCSC has permission of the dog's owner and photographer for the picture to be published on the BHCSC website. You can also suggest a title, but the webmaster reserves the right to edit the final wording. All submissions are subject to approval of the BHCSC webmaster and Board of Directors.

Just got to get a little more tarter!

Iroquois and Cherokee

Owners: Mike & Linda Ott

Go Cowboys!!!

Iroquois and Camden

Owners: Mike & Linda Ott

Mom needs a bigger chair for my naps.


Owners: Mike & Linda Ott

May I go a wondering ....with my Basset on my back.

Sunny & Indy

Owners: Walt & Vickie Ross



I weigh how much?

Ch. Woebgon's RockStar


Owners: Don & Pam Bullock

Did someone say, "cookies?"

GCh. Woebgon's Nehi


Owners: Don & Pam Bullock

They make the wide turn toward the finish line...Heidi is in the lead.

Owners: Several Southern California Breeders

When's dinner?

Ch. Woebgon's Long Shot 'N Vogue


Owners: Don & Pam Bullock

Do you think they'll find me?


Owners: Don & Pam Bullock

Shopping for Treats

Braveheart MVP Caught Stealing


Owners: Mike and Barbara Trice