First Aid for Bassets

THE  BASSET HOUND CLUB OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, INC. is very fortunate to have Mary Lukins as a long time member. She has presented information on first aid for basset hounds several times at BHCSC meetings. Mary put together information that is posted on our website (see below). We’d like to thank Mary and her “patient” Scout for the information and demonstration.

Mary and Scout

Photographer: Loren Cooper

Canine First Aid

First Aid


The American Kennel Club (AKC) has information on their website covering emergencies and first aid.

Canine First Aid Supplies Chart - a pdf file of this chart that can be downloaded and printed.

Canine First Aid Chart - a pdf file of this chart that can be downloaded and printed.

One of our members, Candis Holman, suggested the following Internet article on first aid for dogs:

8 Remedies for Minor Pet Emergencies You Can Do at Home

As stated at the end of this article: In most cases of even a minor pet injury or illness, after applying a home remedy, it’s still a good idea to follow up with your veterinarian to insure your dog or cat is receiving appropriate care. Chances are you won’t need an appointment, but your vet may want to note the information in your pet’s chart for follow up at your next regularly scheduled visit.

Webmaster's Note: When in doubt see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The BHCSC strongly urges everyone to seek immediate veteranary care if they are at all in doubt as to what is wrong with their dog. It is better to pay a bill for something that isn't serious than to wait to long to find out that something is serious and possibly lose the dog or have an even more expensive bill.