New Litters

This page will provide information on new litters from our Member Breeders. Those who are interested in a basset hound puppy are encouraged to look here for information on new litters.

Our members do not breed puppies very often. They usually breed when they are getting ready for their next generation of dogs for the show ring. The vast majority of the breeding stock used by them are basset hounds that are AKC Champions. A list of our Member Breeders can be found on our Member Breeders page. All of our member breeders have agreed to follow our club's code of ethics.

PLEASE NOTE: All information contained herein is intended to assist persons attempting to obtain or research a purebred dog.  All listed contacts are members of BHCSC and are expected to follow the club’s Code of Ethics and breed as close as possible to the American Kennel Club Standard for Basset Hounds. Please do your due diligence in selecting a breeder if you plan to buy a puppy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Basset Hound Club of Southern California, Inc., the BHCSC Board of Directors, nor the club's webmaster certify or guarantee any litters listed on this website. It is the responsibility of our Member Breeders to follow to the club's code of ethics in their breeding and to provide the information posted here. It is up to the individuals who visit this website to be vigilant in their selection of breeders and puppies. Please read all the information on this website regarding Reputable and responsible Breeders and familiarize yourself with the AKC Standard for Basset Hounds prior to contacting any breeder.

The information below is still true. The webmaster still hears horror stories from people who have been scammed.

Fiona had on Wednesday 8/30/23. 5 pups -- 3  tri color girls and 2 boys, one tri one red and white.

They can go home in November around the 8th.

Redhead Hounds

Joan Lewis (Arizona)

Grand Champion Polly Purebred Ducati Bella Filanc and Grand Champion Bronze Polly Purebred Opal’s Heart Rock Filanc (also known as Ducati and Hearty)  proudly announce their litter of six beautiful, happy, healthy tri-color puppies born on August 28, 2023.  They include three gorgeous girls and three handsome boys.  They will be five weeks old on Monday, October 2.  The mom and dad are owned and bred by Polly Jane Filanc.

Polly Purebred Bassets

Polly Fioanc (Murrieta, CA)