Basset Hound Club of Southern California, Inc.

Basset Hound Fun Day


NO puppies under 3 months. NO puppy sales. NO offering of stud services. NO unauthorized sales in area. ALL dogs MUST have current shots. ALL dogs MUST be on a leash, in a crate, or in an x-pen and under control of owner at all times. The judges decisions are final. Everyone needs to clean up after his/her dogs.

SPECIAL NOTE: The artwork/drawings on this page are copyrighted by Renee Bane. The rights to use them have been purchased by the Basset Hound Club of Southern California, Inc. They are used here as an advertisement for the club’s annual Basset Hound Picnic or other purposes and cannot be copied or used in any way without the expressed written permission from Renee Bane and the BHCSC.

The BHCSC will offer testing for the following AKC titles at the picnic:

NOTE: This video is hosted on YouTube. The BHCSC has no control of any accompanying advertising.

Visiting with Huell Howser

The Basset Hound Picnic

Huell goes to the 1997 Basset Hound Picnic, sponsored by the Basset Hound Club of Southern California. Watch as the dogs are judged on longest ears, best howl, and saddest face.

The flyer is a pdf file that can be downloaded and printed.


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