Friday, April 16 AM Show, BHCSC Specialty Show

Conformation Judge: Joani Rush

Sweepstakes Judge: Jackie Schart  

There will be NO Obedience or Ralley

Friday, April 16 PM Show, BHCSC Specialty Show

Conformation Judge: Carol Makowsk

Sweepstakes Judge: Janet Hicks

There will be NO Obedience or Ralley

If you cannot access the premium list, or wish to have it mailed by snail mail, please contact Eileen Parr the Show Secretary.

If you wish to print the premium list, print on 8-1/2 x 11 paper using the landscape feature. Then just put the pages back to back. For those who have duplex capability, check two-sided and short-edge binding or landscape mode.

Eileen Parr, BHCSC Show Secretary

18780 Munsee Road

Apple Valley, CA 92307

760-946-9048 or cell 760-617-6690

April 16, 2021 --- BHCSC Specialty Show Weekend

We will be holding two Basset Hound Club of Southern California Specialty Shows on this date.

All club members and guests are welcome to come to our Specialty Shows (this is a show where only basset hounds compete). These shows provide an excellent way for anyone interested in basset hounds to see wonderful examples of the breed and meet their owners and breeders.

Bring your own comfy chairs to sit in to enjoy the shows. Plan for an enjoyable day surrounded by basset hounds and great people. We hope to see you there.

Feel free to make a lunch reservation when available (see Specialty Food page)  or bring your own lunch.

If you have never been to a dog show you might want to check out our page Dog Shows Explained.

Location: Oak Canyon Park - Silverado, CA

Driving Directions & Map Link: Coming Soon BELOW

Trophy Donations Welcomed

Our BHCSC Specialty Shows are right around the corner and once again the BHCSC is asking for your help in providing for trophies and prizes. This year's shows will be a 2 day event, March 24th and 25th. The location will be the Canyon RV Park at Fetherly Regional Park in Anaheim, California.

The BHCSC will continue to offer trophies for the top winners and prizes for first through fourth place in every class - A total of more than 90 items for each show. This is only possible through the generous support of our wonderful club members and friends!

Every year our club offers unique and exciting trophies, thus making them very appreciated and sought after! Some of our prizes this year will feature the wonderful and creative artistry of Renee Bane. We urge you to make a donation this year and remember that we are providing for 2 days of shows. If you are interested in pledging to a specific trophy, i.e. Winner's Bitch, Best of Breed, etc. please let us know on your pledge.

Please plan on attending these beautiful shows; you will have a great time, as you'll be surrounded by a lot of Basset Hounds and some really nice people.

Please take a moment to fill out and return the trophy pledge form that you received by mail to us today OR send a check for your trophy donation to the address below. With your check tell us how you'd like your name to be listed in the show catalog and if you're pledging your donation to a specific award. Please mail your donation to the address below.

Many Thanks,

BHCSC Trophy Committee

Send donations to:

Dana Skaff

P.O. Box 4353

Sunland, CA 91041-4353

LINK: Email Dana

Everyone is Welcome


BHCSC 2021 Specialty Shows



For more information of conformation dog shows check out Dog Shows Explained.

For information on BHCSC shows check out Basset Specialty Dog Shows.

For information on dog shows for all breeds and information on local dog shows check out All Breed Dog Shows.

A Great Silent Auction

Sue Shoemaker and Kathy Kirk are requesting that items valued at $20 or more be donated for the Silent Auction. Please contact them for more information or to donate an item worth $20 or more. Sue - email

Raffle Baskets

The Specialty Raffel this year will be run by Candy Holman. She is accepting donations to go in the raffle. Please contact her for more information about what kind of items she is looking for or to donate an item. Candy - email

Additional features for the weekend:

AKC NOHS Competition offered BOTH days.

Eligibility MUST be indicated on entry form.

At a Board meeting in January, the BOD voted to ask members to sponsor/donate a basket of items for the Specialty raffle to be held on Saturday at the Specialty. Your name will be on the basket as the sponsor. For more information please email Kathy Kirk at

If you have something to donate for the Specialty silent auction, please email Kathy Kirk at

50/50 Raffle on Sunday

At the bottom of the Entries Page are links to the entry lists in a pdf form that can be downloaded and printed.

Lunches will be available for purchase from Corner Bakery -- See Premium List for details.

Below each page of the Judging Program are links to these pages in a pdf form that can be downloaded and printed.





The webmaster has not received a copy of the judging schedule to post on the website. Exhibitors should have received a copy from the Show Secretary in the mail.

Directions to the Show Site

These shows will be dedicated to

Sue Shoemaker


Mary Lukins


Due to the COVID - 19 situation the Boy Scouts will not be available for the Hound Classic shows to assist people with the hill between the parking lot and show grounds.

According to our Show Chairman ALL car parking will be down at the same level of the park as the show rings for the entire weekend.

BHCSC 2021 Specialties

Premium List: LINK

Can be Downloaded & Printed

Map and directions are from Jack Bradshaw Superintendent

They can be found in the pdf version of the Hound Classic Judging Schedule

LINK - Specialty Food Information in Premium List - order deadline 4-11-21

There will be a raffle.

The webmaster has NOT received any information.


The remainder of this page is reserved for the 2022 BHCSC Specialty Information.

It will be listed here as soon as the webmaster receives the information. For now the results of the 2021 shows can be found at the above link.