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Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed


The information below names all the Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed winners dating back to 1966. Sometime around 1998 we added a BHCA Regional Show but the winners of those shows are unknown to the webmaster. In 2001 we added a second BHCSC Specialty Show in place of the BHCA Regional Show. This was the first year that the AKC allowed local breed clubs to hold two specialty shows back-to-back in a calendar year. We again added a BHCSC Regional Show in 2013 but stopped in 2017 due to new BHCA limitations placed on regional shows. BHCA Regionals after that are intermittent based on the decision of the BHCA board of directors. Starting in 2019 the AKC started allowing breed clubs to offer two specialty shows, minus sweepstakes, on the same day with some additional limitations. The club decided to add some AM and PM shows starting in 2019.

These names are included here in honor of the accomplishments of their breeders and owners. The webmaster wishes that he had more information that he could include.

YEAR    BEST OF BREED                              

1966    Ch. Nancy Evans Jasper of Taramar       

1967    Ch. Richy’s Sir Hubey High, C.D.          

1968    Ch. Nancy Evan Sir Cedric                    

1969    Ch. Pondarosa Hills Lazy Caesar          

1970    Ch. Glenhaven’s Lord Jack                  

1971    Ch. Glenhaven’s Lord Jack                  

1972    Ch. Barbara’s J.P. Morgan Le Clair        

1973    Ch. Glenhaven’s Lord Jack                  

1974    Ch. Supai’s Daffodil of Sussex               

1975    Ch. Ranchound’s Olivera                       

1976    Ch. Hallmark Malcolm                           

1977    Ch. Bar-B Honest Abe                           

1978    Ch. Heine Von Skauton                         

1979    Ch. Hooper-Knoll’s Capt. Fantastic        

1980    Ch. Shoefly’s Choc-O-Chip O’Winchuk   

1981    Ch. Hooper-Knoll’s Capt. Fantastic        

1982    Ch. Beaujangle’s Ten                           

1983    Ch. Woodstock’s Miss Fancy Nancy        

1984    Starr Bid’s Pythagores                           

1985    Ch. Beaujangle’s J.P. Beaureguarde       

1986    Ch. Ann-Dean’s Mag-Wheels                  

1987    Ch. Viclee’s Charlie P.V. Brown               

1988    Ch. JerCat’s Laird of Tobemory               

1989    Ch. Sanchu’s Chablis                            

1990    Ch. Feenreich’s Doktor Quincy               

1991    Ch. Sunshine’s Care Bear of Bar-B          

1992    Ch. Woodhaven’s Chances Are               

1993    Ch. Shoefly’s Baileys Irish Cream          

1993    Ch. Fort Merrill Lipz Stick                       

1994    Ch. Tailgate Desert Sands                      

1995    Ch. Woodhaven’s Field of Dreams          

1996    Ch. Woodhaven’s Go For Broke               

1997    Sanlyn’s Classic Sportster                       

1998    Ch. Sanlyn’s Classic Sportster                 

1999    Ch. Vogue’s Peanut Brittle                       

2000    Ch. Sanlyn’s Classic Sportster                 

5/12/01    Ch. Vogue’s Peanut Brittle                 

5/13/01    Ch. Splash’s Rosie Anastasia             

3/09/02    Shylo’s Short Cake                           

3/10/02    Ch. Tailgate Pure Country                  

3/15/03    Ch. Symphony’s Tophat and Tails          

3/16/03    Ch. Bar-B Daisy Duke of Tye-D          

3/20/04    Ch. Anaconda It’s So Floppy               

3/21/04    Ch. Anaconda It’s So Floppy               

3/26/05    Ch. Wendyhills Dream Chaser             

3/27/05    Ch. Desiree Acres Foster                  

3/25/06    Ch. Showtime’s Shock and Awe        

3/26/06    Baywind-Craigwood Furby                  

3/24/07    Ch. Splash’s the Professor                  

3/25/07    Ch. Showtime’s Shock and Awe          

3/22/08    Ch. Windsock Dazyduc of Alivares        

3/23/08    Ch. Splash’s The Professor                  

3/21/09    Ch. Splash’s The Professor                  

3/22/09    Ch. Splash’s The Professor                  

3/27/10    Ch. Houndwalkers Theodore T Bear       

3/28/10    Ch. Symphony’s Debonair Crooner       

3/26/11    GCh. Splash’s The Professor               

3/27/11    Ch. Windsock’s Autry @ Big League       

3/24/12    GCh. Houndwalker’s Theodore T. Bear  

3/25/12    Ch. Woebgon’s Doc Howliday               

3/22/13*   Ch. Splash’s Oceanic Whitetip Shark   

3/23/13    GCh. Splash’s The Professor               

3/24/13    GCh. Splash’s Riverboat Gambler

3/21/14*   Ch. Splash’s Oceanic Whitetip Shark 

3/22/14    GCh. Splash’s The Professor

3/23/14    GCh. Splash’s The Professor

3/21/15*   GCh. Barnyard 3 Oaks Spark of Hope

3/22/15    GCh. Splash’s Oceanic Whitetip Shark 

3/23/15    GCh. Splash’s Oceanic Whitetip Shark

3/25/16    GCh. Splash’s Oceanic Whitetip Shark

3/26/16    Ch. Dry Diggins Pronto Tonto

3/27/16    Ch. Dry Diggins Pronto Tonto

3/25/17    GCh. Tradewinds Jimmy Buffett of Houndwalkers

3/26/17    Ch. Big League's Mr. October

3/24/18    Light Night Cheerful Red Girl

3/25/18    GCH Foxglen Takin It to the House

3/22/19 AM     GCHB DC River City Man Of Steele

3/22/19 PM     GCHB DC River City Lightning McQueen

3/23/19 AM     GCHS Big League's Ball Four

3/23/19 PM     GCHB DC River City Man Of Steele

3/24/19*    GCH Barnyard Classic Penelope

------------------------------------------------------------- Due to COVID - 19

4/16/21 AM    CHS Castlehill's Snoline Man in Black

4/16/21 PM    CHS Castlehill's Snoline Man in Black

3/26/22  GCH Jollytime My Way at Topsfield

3/27/22  GCH Jollytime My Way at Topsfield

3/25/23  CH Splashes Take Me to Church

3/26/23  Castlehill's Baby I Was Born This Way

*BHCA Regional Specialty Show held by BHCSC


Ch. Flory’s Baby Jane

Ch. Houndsville Deeja Do-It

Ch. Houndsville Deeja Do-It

Ch. Golden Bell’s Honey Blossom

Ch. Abbot Runvalley Brass Tacks

Ch. D’Artagnan Brutusina

Ch. LeClairs Magnolia

Ch. Robinson’s Nightingale

Ch. Duffy of Hahs-C-Enda

Ch. Golden Bell’s Cara

Ch. Rebelglen’s Ruffles of Sohigh

Hooper-Knoll’s Dinah-Mite

Ch. Tal-E-Ho’s Lotus

Ch. Shoefly’s Black Russian

Ch. Hooper-Knoll’s Cracklin’ Rosie

Ch. Hooper-Knoll’s Cracklin’ Rosie

Ch. Denmar’s Milky Way Hooper-Knoll

Ch. Rebelglen’s Sydney

Ch. Desiree Acres Day Dreamer

Tal-E-Ho’s Tootsie

Ch. Rebelglen’s Pure Velvet

Ch. Shoefly’s Scotch N’Soda

Ch. Shoefly’s Scotch N’Soda

Ch. Castlehill’s Animal Crackers

Ch. Bricar’s Moonstruck

Ch. Shoefly’s Kahlua N’ Cocoa

Ch. Woodhaven’s Almond Joy

Ch. Sanchu’s Cream de Mocha

Ch. Woodhven’s Field of Dreams

Ch. Tailgate’s Daphne

Ch. Symphony’s Ovation

Ch. Symphony’s Ovation

Ch. Woodhaven’s Windy City

Ch. Shoefly’s Irish Coffee

Ch. Symphony’s Diva

Ch. Sanchu’s Hot Toddy

Ch. Tailgate Pure Country

Ch. Vogue’s Peanut Brittle

Desiree Acres Foster

Ch. Symphony’s Harmnious Hound

Ch. Castlehill’s Totally Fur Sure

Ch. Helix’s Lincoln of Rebelglen

Ch. Symphony’s Maestro

Ch. Wendyhills Dream Chaser

Ch. Woebgon’s Kickapoo Joy Juice

Ch. Shylo’s Cassiopeia

Ch. Windsock’s Autry at Big League

Ch. Splash’s Rusty

Woebgon’s Snow White from the BBEx Class

Ch. Splash’s Sunset

Ch. Desiree Acres Foster

Ch. Windsock’s Autry at Big League

Ch. Alexanders Hawaiian Valentine

Ch. Lola It’s So Floppy

Ch. Symphony and Splash’s Triple Lindy

Ch. Shoefly’s Amaretto Cafe

Ch. Splash’s Jack Knife

GCh. Splash’s The Professor

GCh. Splash’s Belly Flop

Ch. Windsock’s Hangar Queen

Nino It’s So Floppy

GCh. Woebgon’s Dodge City Sarsaparilla

Ch. Shoefly’s Southern Mint Julip

GCh. Splash’s The Professor

Shoefly’s CC Straight Up from 6-9 Mo. Class

Ch. Big Leagues Sweet Spot

GCh. Foxglyn Black Dragon

GCh. Desiree Acres Ichabod

GCh. Foxglyn Black Dragon

GCh. Tradewinds Jimmy Buffett of Houndwalkers

Ch. You Are My Grace v. Grunsven

Ch. You Are My Grace v. Grunsven

Ch. Amazing Maggie v. Grunsven

GCh. You Are My Grace v. Grunsven

GCH Foxglen Takin It to the House

CH Big League's a Perfect Game

GCH Barnyard Classic Penelope

CH Big Leagues Screwball for It's So Floppy

GCH Big Leagues A Perfect Game

GCH Barnyard Classic Penelope

GCHB DC River City Man Of Steele

No shows were held in 2020 --------------------------

GCH Silverado Not a Math Major

GCH Silverado Not a Math Major

CH Windsock's Whittle Blue Angel

CH Tradewinds Tropical Edition at Woebgon

Castlehill's Baby I Was Born This Way

GCH Bravehearts Blazin Fastball to Big League